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Podcast: Frontline Club Photo Week – 4 Podcasts you shouldn’t miss

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For all podcasts visit:

Frontline’s Photo Week talks from May 2012


Reportage by Getty Images covers a huge diversity of topics in the news: from famine and conflict to documenting the quirkier side of life. Two Getty photographers Peter Dench and Tom Stoddart will be in conversation with Getty’s Vice President of Assignment Aidan Sullivan about their distinctive projects and their experience of photographing diverse subjects.

View the Video and listen to the Podcast here


Since its formation in 2001, VII Photo has represented some of the leading photojournalists of the 21st century. As a collectively owned agency, it has grown from seven to 23 members, diversifying from conflict photography to all branches of photojournalism.

View the Video and listen to the Podcast here


Nearly eight years in the making, Voices of the South Atlantic is a major exhibition by Argentinian photographerAdriana Groisman, which marks the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas War.

View the Video and listen to the Podcast here



On 20 April, 2011 photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were tragically killed while covering the civil war in Libya.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Benjamin J. Spatz and the American literary magazine Alaska Quarterly Reviewbrought together 68 of the world’s leading photographers to proactively honor Tim and Chris. The result,  Liberty and Justice (for All): A Global Photo Mosaic, is an exploration of the many facets of liberty and justice through images and personal narrative.

View the Video and listen to the Podcast here

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